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Sony Didn’t Think This One Through

A new Sony outdoor advertising campaign in the Netherlands for its PSP handheld gaming device has drawn accusations of racism from online critics. The giant billboards show a very tough looking white woman, dressed in white, gripping a black woman, … Continue reading

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Dates that can’t get here soon enough

July 29 Aug 22


Willie Nelson buys hometown church to keep it open

ABBOTT, Texas — Hoping to save a piece of hometown history, Willie Nelson has purchased the Methodist church where he honed his musical skills as a boy. Nelson celebrated the church’s preservation at a Sunday service that brought together family, friends … Continue reading

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Church constructs monument to Christianity in likeness of Lady Liberty

The Statue of Liberation also replaces the famous inscription with the lines “Give me your tired, your poor … ” with Roman numerals representing the Ten Commandments, and in place of a torch, she held aloft a large gold cross  … Continue reading

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Rainbow Cloud

Also known as a cicumhorizon arc.

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Stroke gives woman foreign accent

Linda Walker awoke in hospital to find her distinctive Newcastle accent had been transformed into a mixture of Jamaican, Canadian and Slovakian. The 60-year-old may have Foreign Accent Syndrome, where patients speak differently after a brain injury. The former university … Continue reading

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Interesting Garage Sale

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Piece of man’s skull falls off, draws crowds

KOLKATA, India (Reuters) – Hundreds of people are thronging a hospital in the eastern Indian city of Kolkata to see a patient holding a piece of his own skull that fell off. Doctors say a large, dead section of 25-year-old … Continue reading

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