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Nice Candid Picture


Pork Brains

Very high in cholesterol.

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A very cool statue

Only children of the 80’s would understand this link

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Commute got you down?

Try a flying motorcycle. Video Web Site

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Meet a Black Person

A black guy opened a stand in Aspen where the population is 94.9% white and just 0.44% black. Here’s the video

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Stockholm has some really cool metro stations

More pics here.


Google Maps + Fast Food

In case you need to find the nearest McDonald’s, BK, Wendy’s, or Jack in the Box. Check it out here.

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Iron Chefs

Cooking bacon and eggs using nothing but a regular household iron and a lot of ingenuity. Watch the video here.


Top 10 cool athlete nicknames

Too bad Billy White Shoes Johnson didn’t make the list.  

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Still having trouble falling asleep?

Try counting sheep.

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No personal space

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Famous & Memorable Filming Locations

This person likes to visit old filming locations and take current pictures.  If found The Alamo one pretty interesting. See them all here. This pic below is from Psycho.

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