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ESPN ESPY Awards – Dwyane Wade

Dwyane Wade is nominated for the Best Championship Performance ESPY.  If he wins, I hope he makes sure to thank the refs – that would be the right thing to do. The Heat was the better team, but his performances … Continue reading

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Still depressed about the Mavs?

Maybe the NFL Network will cheer you up. Special thanks goes to my favorite Wise county lawyer.

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Trouble Sleeping?

Try this, it works for me.


Tempting Video of the Day

The Japanese sure do know how to pull a prank. Basically people go into a port-a-potty, and the next thing you know it’s kinda like an elevator and your rise to the roof.  I couldn’t watch the whole seven minutes, … Continue reading

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See the entire list here. I certainly can’t agrue with #1. Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A

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Spider-Man 3 Teaser Trailer

Watch it here. Only 11 more months until it’s released.

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Interesting Normandy Stuff

I thought this was a very interesting read.  A soldier wrote about his experience burying the dead at Normandy after D-Day.  It’s long and slow in some places, but it’s a very good read from a perspective I haven’t thought … Continue reading

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Moss opens juice bar in West Virginia

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Randy Moss walked behind the counter in a pinstripe suit with a red striped tie, traded his jacket for an apron, took off his sunglasses and went to work making smoothies for customers at his fruit-juice franchise … Continue reading

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Clowns Sabotage Nuke Missile

On Tuesday morning, a retired Catholic priest and two veterans put on clown suits, busted into a nuclear missile launch facility, and began beating the silo cover with hammers, in an attempt to take the Minuteman III missile off-line. Seriously.  … Continue reading

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Need a reminder?

OhDon’tForget.com http://www.ohdontforget.com/ Creative uses Remind yourself, or someone else, about an event at a specific day & time queue up birthday reminders for the next several months have your to-do items sent to you throughout the day   Schedule text … Continue reading

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40 Things You Don’t Know About Superman

Here’s number one of the list:  1.  He started as a bald villain! More here.

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This Charlie Chaplin optical illusion freaks me out

Watch it here.  

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