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If Ann Coulter wrote about Star Wars

“The liberals hate Darth Vader just for being a strong leader and trying to preserve traditional values in the Empire. At least in the Empire, they supported their troops, which is more than you can say about Cindy Sheehan and … Continue reading

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What’s Your Diet Personality?

Take the test here. Turns out I’m a Couch Potato Dieter. Description: Couch Potato Dieters are those people who just can’t say no to high fat, high calorie snack foods. Coach Potato’s don’t just over-eat; they also eat the wrong … Continue reading

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Back to the Future Nike’s for sale

View the eBay auction here.


Game – Statue fights back against birds

Play the game here.

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Build Your Own HD Projector

Have you always wanted an HDTV Home Theater but couldn’t afford it? You can build an HDTV projector that rivals units costing many thousands of dollars! Our free builder guide will get you started and our user forums will give … Continue reading

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In case you ever needed clean urine samples

Buy some here.  

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Top Ten Animal Hybrids

View the whole list here. Some of these are pretty interesting, for instance: Here is a grizzly and polar bear hybrid And here is a lion and leopard combination  


Doggie Slippers

I don’t think I could ever make dogGeeding or otherDogGeeding wear these. Buy them here.