Daily Archives: 11 June 11, 2006

David Stern Observation

The NBA Commish has really big ear-lobes. Click to enlarge.

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Batcave Home Theater Room

Read about it and see more pictures here.  

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David Hasselhoff – Secret Agent Man

Watch this crazy video here.  Too bad KITT didn’t run over him during the middle of the video.

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For the swimming pool owners out there

Part pool toy, part pool cleaner, this remote-controlled boat is the fun, fast and easy way to skim debris from the surface of the pool! Debris collects in the removable net—just lift out to empty.

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Fix ‘n Mix Frosty

I saw a Wendy’s commercial for the new Fix ‘n Mix Frosty.  I guess I was only half way paying attention to it, but I interpreted it as being their version of a Blizzard from Dairy Queen.  So I decided … Continue reading


Top Ten Myths About Evolution

An interesting read – but make your own conclusions. For example: Humans Evlolved from Monkeys Humans and great apes had a common ancestor about 5 million years ago Humans and monkeys had a common ancestor about 50 million years ago. … Continue reading

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