Corvette Turned into Batmobile

More info here.

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15 Responses to Corvette Turned into Batmobile


    dude that’s awesome

  2. Tex says:

    HOLY CRAP that is COOL!

  3. Mandy says:

    I Want That Car!!!!

  4. Grey Ghost says:

    The original builder (not the current owner) did some nice fiberglass modifications to a vette, but there are full scale batmobiles being built and driven that have working fire, machine guns (sim fire) and working canopies. As for buying a finished car from someone who did all the work, classifying himself as a super genius, I guess he is going for being funny!… check it out!

  5. Joe Truth says:

    the guy who posted this car as his own work is a dweeb and a liar

  6. Jimmy says:

    Oh! But he seems capable enough to wash it! LOL

  7. Super Genius says:

    Hey, Joe Truth, if you read my web site you'll see that I don't claim this car as my own work. READ THE SITE. Geez. Why are there so many jerks out there?

  8. Mark13 says:

    In fact, if this guy comes out, I think he should have to be accepted into the gay community. ,

  9. Ares says:


  10. @ragn4r0k says:

    one for x'mas please!

  11. Blah123 says:

    Swwweeet lmao but I wonder if It could beat my pimpmobile

  12. Nolan Venkiah says:

    I guess Batman just delivered my pizza

  13. You can now buy this on eBay!!!

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