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Spinning Exhaust

  Buy one here.

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The Geography of Lost

View it here.

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Gallup Poll – 28% believe Bible is actual word of God

PRINCETON, NJ — There has been a gradual decline over the past 30 years in the percentage of Americans who believe that the Bible is literally true and the actual word of God. About 3 out of 10 Americans continue … Continue reading

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Points for Open Air Preaching

For instance, here is Crowd Etiquette. Learn more tips here.

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Wedding Traditions

Yesterday during the Mavericks game a commercial was shown that included an African American wedding in which the couple jumped over a broom.  Which lead to the question, why does that represent or signify?  That then lead to another questions … Continue reading

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Kicking it old school

A video that includes the following: Jason Bateman Alyssa Milano Mr Belvedere Nintendo Super Mario Bros on Ice Watch it here.

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Tempting site of the day

Pierced eyeglasses. You no longer need your ears for them to rest on.

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Separated at birth?

  Thanks Darrik!

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