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Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro after surgery




RateMyParking.Net is a place for you to share photos of bad parking by you or others, not to mention laugh at them!  

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Who plays ‘Jack’ in the Jack in the Box commercials?

You can find the answer here or click here for his picture.

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Popcorn talk . . .

I had no idea that popcorn had so many recipes.

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In case you ever wanted to buy ants

There is a place called The Antstore. Here is the lasius niger, their best seller.

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Bird flu reported in Orlando


A store at the Mall of America that sold naps went out of business

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. — A store at the Mall of America that sold naps has gone to sleep.  MinneNapolis sold naps for 70 cents a minute.  But the nap center, which charged $14 for 20 minutes in a private, themed room, … Continue reading

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Superman proposes to girlfriend at Sears Tower

A Chicago tourist chose the city’s tallest landmark for the perfect proposal. Jeremy Willia’s girlfriend calls him “her Superman,” so he went to the Sears Tower to leap a tall building in a single bound. Willia surprised Kim Betts when … Continue reading

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