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College Mascot Fashion

Best Dressed Worst Dressed  

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Ride-On Carry-On

Turn your suitcase into a stroller. Give yourself a break at the airport–leave your stroller home! Buy one here.

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Google SketchUp

Google SketchUp (free) is an easy-to-learn 3D modeling program whose few simple tools enable you to create 3D models of houses, sheds, decks, home additions, woodworking projects – even space ships More about it here.

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School sends kids to closed amusement park

Four bus loads of students from O’Brien Middle School made the four-hour trip to Six Flags Marine World in Vallejo, Calif., only to find the amusement park’s gates locked Monday. The school-sponsored trip was supposed to reward top students. Read … Continue reading


An Excellent Super Mario Brothers Skit

Performed during a talent show at Gordon College. Watch the video here. I was really impressed.  A lot of planning went into this skit and the results are AWESOME!


MAXIM’s list of American’s Most Whipped Athletes

You can see the list here, but we all know who number one is.  If you are unfamiliar with Doug and Jackie Christie, read about their relationship here.    

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Major nuclear accidents and disasters

This map displays informations about the most important nuclear accidents and disasters.  

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Tempting Picture of the Day

‘I’ve got the world’s longest tongue’  


Interesting Article

I was visiting recently and this headline caught my attention: Gay porn star Tom Katt leaves biz, heads for seminary No matter what your thoughts are on homosexuality and the Bible, it’s an interesting read. For my gay friends out … Continue reading


14 Things That It Took Me 50 Years To Learn by Dave Barry

1. Never under any circumstances take a sleeping pill and a laxative on the same night. 2. If you had to identify, in one word, the reason why the human race has not achieved, and never will achieve, its full … Continue reading

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New addition to the HAHOF

Paul Kariya Thanks WifeGeeding II!  


Illusionist David Copperfield magically escaped getting robbed.

After his show at a West Palm Beach performing arts center Sunday Copperfield was walking with two female assistants back to their tour bus when four teenagers pulled up in a black car. Two armed robbers got out of the … Continue reading

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